Friday, June 1, 2012

Don't hate the skinny bitch.

This is completely off the topic of art and creation but I need somewhere to put thoughts into and my blog shall be that place.

We live in a nation obsessed with weight and body image. With any widespread concept or idea there is always backlash. Media gives us the idea that skinny is hot, skinny is beautiful, skinny is the IT way to be (even though 99% of the images we see are edited and twisted to be far from reality) . Everyone has a different body type, so in the wake of skinny obsession we have what i call the "Real women have curves" backlash. I am all for the idea that bigger is sexy too!!!! FA Fat acceptance 100%!!! Size doesn't matter because EVERYONE is beautiful.

But along with that idea somehow skinny-girl-hate was included in it too. Lately I have been noticing comments on pictures of skinny girls that say things like "Go eat a cheeseburger" "EW anorexic!" "OMG she looks like a skeleton so unhealthy!!". Now WAIT just a second, go back. Weren't we trying to achieve more acceptance? Instead it seems that we have created more hate, more discrimination and more judgement. And you know what that leads to? More insecurities, more girls with low self esteem, more girls with a poor body image.

Now lets just take a minute to consider... If a fat girl has a slow metabolism can't eat anything without gaining weight we aren't supposed to judge her. But a girl who eats TONS of food but doesn't gain a single pound because of the way she was born can be criticized, and ridiculed? Doesn't seem very fair.

All of my life I have been skinny. I absolutely love sports and exercise, I have a very fast metabolism, I eat tons of healthy food because it makes me feel good. I was vegetarian because I love animals and I can't stand the way they treated. I do the occasional junk food binge but I usually don't gain weight. I was born this way.
People are always asking me "Wow are you anorexic?" or saying "Do you even eat anything??... You need to eat some more steak that's what you need!" Well who the hell asked for your opinion? Do you think I enjoy constantly being asked if I have a serious mental disorder (anorexia) just because of the natural state of my body? Take a second and consider how this might feel. I played boys soccer and considering I am 5'2 and 100 lbs I got knocked around quite a bit. This was disappointing to me because I  loved my sports so much and wanted to do well in them. I even tried to gain weight but it didn't work.

Now let me just say I understand that the media and other sources put a lot of pressure on girls to be skinny. I don't agree with it at all. I have never once criticized someone for their weight. But I have never gone up to a fat girl and said "You just need to spend more time exercising and less time on the couch thats what you need!!" or "Wow you probably shouldn't eat that whole sandwich ya know.." and if i did I would be considered rude and inconsiderate and a bitch. So why is it ok for people to say those kinds of things to me???  I see random stuff on the internet all the time about how guys "don't want skinny little thing they want a REAL woman". So even though I try not to let it bother me sometimes I feel insecure because people might see me as an "unhealthy skeleton unwanted by men".

So now tell me which is worse a fat girl starving herself because of pressure to be thin or a skinny girl overeating to try and get those sexy curves? Because thats what we are heading towards.

Honestly I'm quite tired of it. Women should be supporting each other and instead we are tearing each other down. Now I am sure what I say next will get a lot of hate. Some of the girls who make these nasty comments are probably overweight and insecure. But that does not mean you can criticize me and then turn around and plead for your own acceptance. I'll have a cheeseburger when you put down the twinkie.

So i guess to sum this all up there has been a lot of effort put forth into accepting bigger body types. Maybe its not in the widespread media but girls all over are trying to be less judgmental! So please give us the same respect and don't criticize us for being naturally skinny.

Everyone is beautiful. Everyone deserves respect, kindness and acceptance.